President/Ceo/Founder-Johnny Boersma



My Father Jim is a Marine who served in Vietnam. My Uncle Ed was a Airman (Transportation Squad. Uncle Tim in the Marines. Uncle Pat in the Navy. Cousin Steve a Marine, Grandfather John  who served in the Navy in World War II. I was surrounded by Respect & Honor



I have been committed to improving the lives of Veteran's for 25 years. A S.A.L., A Member of the VVA( Vietnam Veterans of America. Member and volunteer of several other Veteran Organizations. I have been commited to helping Veterans more than Half my life



VETERANS FIRST. I will not stop helping our Hero's who didn't think twice about helping ours. I myself can not do this alone, But I'm Determined to give 100% and do my best to help or assist any Veteran in need. I assembled a team that has the same Determination and drive as I do to Impact the lives of the ones who have Protected ours..